After training vigorously at NYU Tisch, Kristin finally learned to perfect her raindrop noise. This talent, in addition to being able to deadlift over 200 lbs, has led her on a theatrical journey allowing her to work with several industry professionals.

Fat Mike (NOFX lead singer) and Jeff Marx (Avenue Q writer) typecast her as a lesbian dominatrix street mom in the hit new musical Home Street Home.

The band Air Supply knew that American Idol fangirl Kristin would be the perfect love interest to Constantine Maroulis in Lost in Love: The Air Supply Musical.

Greg Kotis and Mark Hollman (Urinetown writers) sensed that Kristin had the zombie slaying abilities to belt those high notes in ZM: A Zombie Musical.

Randy Johnson (creator of A Night With Janis Joplin) trusted her with the coveted role of Janis Joplin because he saw the passion she had for Southern Comfort.

Lauren Worsham (Tony nominee for AGGLAM) and Kyle Jarrow (The Spongebob Musical book writer) really wanted to see Kristin wear a tutu and doused in fake blood so she became a back up singer for the indie rock band Sky Pony.

And finally, Kristin, being super athletic, has been developing the muscles in her forearms as a sport climber for the last year. And she’s getting really good at it.

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