• Sky-Pony presents a new musical, Wanderlust!

    I’m currently playing myself in a 29 hour reading of Sky-Pony’s newest project, Wanderlust! Look out for a full production with Ars Nova and The Play Company in February 2016!

  • ZM a Zombie Musical!

    I’ll be playing Lydia Light in the Urinetown creators’  new musical ZM at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in CT, June 29th-July11th. Click here for the playbill link!

  • Poser

    I’ll be playing Lauren in a short film starting production Thursday in which a ‘young man poses as an artist to hire life models in order to seduce them only to find most of his would-be victim is way too smart to fall for it’.

  • Sky-Pony and The Deafening

    Come join us tomorrow night as Tony nominated Lauren Worsham’s band Sky-Pony joins forces with Tony winner Lena Hall’s band The Deafening! More information and tickets available here.

  • Two Gentlemen of Verona

    Kristin is currently playing Silvia in The Drilling Company’s production of “Two Gentlemen of Verona” in Bryant Park. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 15th-31st! Click here for more information.

  • No Exit

    She has accepted a role in an upcoming independent pilot entitled “No Exit”. Details to come soon!

  • Kristin is reprising her role in Home Street Home

    January-March 2015: Kristin is reprising her role in Home Street Home written by Fat Mike (NOFX) and Jeff Marx (Avenue Q) at ZSpace in San Francisco, CA. The show runs from February 20 — March 7th.

  • Home Street Home

    Kristin accepted an offer for the new punk rock musical, Home Street Home written by Fat Mike (NOFX) and Jeff Marx (Avenue Q). It will be workshopped at the acclaimed Eugene O’Neill Theatre in CT.

  • Charity in Sweet Charity

    June-August 2014: Kristin will be performing as Charity in Sweet Charity at the Lake Dillon Theatre in Colorado this summer!

  • Dumped

    Kristin just booked a role in the upcoming reading, Dumped. As part of N.E.W. Musicals, this particular show will go up in August at the Underground Theatre!

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 We didn’t pay the $25 for the selfie museum. We stole this one.     ❤️  Haven’t. Posted. In. Forever.   Got to play dress up these last two weekends! And again this weekend for Halloween mwahaha   Here it is. A gushy post on #nationaltacoday which also happens to be our 5 year anniversary. @jjtroxel who is nonexistent on social media, I love you so much. I could easily write a book about how you've changed my life for the better, but you already know it by heart. I'm so happy we found each other and here's to the adventures to come. ❤️  Happy birthday to me ❤️  Excuse the blindingness that is my skin. #art  So happy that I can bring #janisjoplin's story to life. It's messages like these that remind me why I do what I do. ☺️  Do we look alike? Two show day today @thelagunaplayhouse. Can't believe we only have one more week! ✌  #janisjoplin #jackiejormpjomp  Laguna playhouse here I come!! #janisjoplin #anightwithjanisjoplin #lagunaplayhouse  Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico City!!  CUTENESS OVERLOAD.   Happiest of birthdays to my best friend, my love, my companion and partner in life. You've taken me on so many great adventures and I can't believe the man you've become. Here's to the next adventure in your arms ❤️
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